Pattern confusion


Pattern translated from German to English. I have to cast off to form neckline. “Cast off 1 x 4 on right side”. I understand this, 1 stitch every 4th Row but what is “on every second row cast off 5 x 2 and 8 x 1”.?.


These directions can be confusing. It would be great to have a pattern name or a link to the pattern.

Cast off 4sts once, then every other row cast off 2sts 5 times then 1 stitch 8 times.
So that would be 4sts cast off on row 1, 2sts cast off on each of rows 3,5,7,9,11 and 1 stitch cast off on each of rows 13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27.


Ravelry pattern…

Strickanleitung 34-13

Modell 13 Poncho


Very good looking poncho! Thanks for the photo.


Thank you so much for the explanation…there is no way I could have figured it out trying to use some sort of translation. It will be a challenge for me but I’m much more confident thanks to you!


I saw this pic over a year ago and it started the hunt for the pattern then translation…hoping to actually finish it for fall :grin:image