Pattern Confusion (socks)

Alrighty. So, I’m knitting these socks and things are actually going quite well. The trouble is, I’ve gotten to this part:

Fold work at toe, so that CO edge of heel meets sts on needle.With WS facing, pick up and p 21 sts in loops of first row of heel worked in working yarn (see photo). 42 sts on needle.

:shock: :shock: :shock: Say wha’!?!?

I’ve done a pickup before, but that was on the edges. Am I supposed to pick up in the middle of things (so to speak), and if so, how? Also, am I supposed to pick up on the right or wrong side?

fail LOL. Sorry for all the questions…Any help would be soooo lurved hehe :slight_smile: Thanks so much in advance!

What a way to make a sock. :lol: It’s supposed to be easier than a regular sock. Hmmm?

There is a note there that may help and the picture. The note says:

Note: When joining the back and front of the sock in the step which follows, you will be working into the first row of sts worked with the working yarn, at the beginning of the heel. To obtain the right number of sts, it will be necessary to pick up an extra st in a loop adjacent to the first or last.

You did that part where you knit with the waste yarn? The picture tries to show where you are picking up, but it is not super. You pick up by working into the first row of knitting you did with your project yarn at the beg of the heel. It says to pick them up from the wrong side. Good luck.

Just when I think I’ve got it all figured out! LOL. I tried doing the pick up, but it ended up creating sort of a off bit that was just all wrong. headdesk

Thanks, Merigold! It’s a bit clearer now…I think hehehe

That pattern just made my head explode. That’s “simple”?

I have a simple sock pattern, that is just that as long as I totally ignore the direction after separating for the heel flap. It tells you to cut the yarn, and then has the pick up and knit all wrong for the gusset.

Each pattern is unique unto itself. And God help those of us who try to follow them :wink:

Haha! You know what? once I got past that pickup bit, it was easy! All the pattern makes sence, after a while :stuck_out_tongue: Much faster too, than the first pair I knitted on dpns. I’d recommend it, and the socks are really comfy :slight_smile:

I’m glad it worked out for you and that the socks are nice. It is amazing how many different ways there are to do things.