Pattern Confusion Hatfield Scarf

I just started the Hatfield Scarf.

I have a few questions.

  1. The border rib is 9 rows, then the chart starts with row 1. Slip beg & end stitches on right side. Which side is the right side? Cables are on odd rows of charts, which makes them even rows worked. I used the Twisted German CO which resulted in starting row 2 with a purl. If odd rows are right side, then I’m purling with the yarn left between the first and 2nd stitch of the 2nd row. I considered adding a row to the border so that the chart begins with knit stitches on the ends. I could also start eat Twisted the opposite way so that the ribbing is turned over. (Obviously, I’m overthinking.)
  2. Please see the key photo. It shows the cable instructions for RS and WS. Cable stitches are on odd rows of chart (see question #1). Surely I don’t cable on both sides of the six stitches involved! Right?

EDIT: I’m on the first row of cables now and I see that there is a C6b and a C6f over six stitches, so there must be a cable on the front and one on the back. Why didn’t they put one on one row and the other on the next row?

  1. Would a twisted rib border result in a narrower border width (narrower than body)?

I’m going to continue and see what happens until I hear from you! Maybe it will just work out!!!

Thank you!

Good looking scarf.
The odd number rows are the right side (RS) rows and those are the rows with the cable cross. Since it’s ribbing you can call either side that you would like the RS. It seems to me that working 10 rows in rib would be just fine.
The cables are all on RS rows. Sometimes the designers use a program to make the chart and key. The program may automatically give RS and WS directions in the key. This pattern doesn’t use cables on the WS despite the key.
You may be past the ribbing now but yes, the twisted sts will slightly pull in the ribbing by tightening up the sts.

@Salmonmac Thank you so very much! I was just attempting the first wrong side cable—correction—I was just TINKING the first wrong side cable! I actually started it a stitch too soon and thought that was the (only) issue. I read through a lot of notes on Ravelry and no one mentioned the cable issue. Perhaps the other knitters are more experienced and knew what it was supposed to be.

I did 1 x 1 rib (not twisted) but thought I’d like to do twisted if I had to restart.

As always, you’re the best!


Well, happy new year. Your opening sentence made me wonder if their is also a McCoy scarf? :rofl:

That its all.

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Inquiring minds. Of course there would be a McCoy. Well unless the feud began when a Hatfield stole the real McCoy…

Happy New Year! Per the pattern in Ravelry: Cabled scarf based on one worn in the “Hatfield’s & McCoy’s” mini series. Mirrored 3x3 cables with a braided cable in the center.

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Hm. I think there’s a cable missing in the pattern. Perhaps someone can suggest a new pattern! I didn’t realize how much I depend on written instructions to confirm what’s in the chart.! @salmonmac image|716x1047


The knitting looks quite nice. There’s just a cable crossed in the wrong direction on row 11.

Instead of crossing to the left, it should be crossing to the right. Hold 3sts to the back, knit the next 3 then knit the held sts.
You’ve caught this early on but if you don’t want to take out a couple of rows, there is a way to ladder down to the mistake.

@salmonmac Thank you so much! I was looking for something else to make. I knew my project didn’t look correct there, but I was certain I did it correctly! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Hopefully, it will look more centered after the next cable.

I think I should go down a couple needle sizes, but I’m not sure I want to restart again! I already ditched one pattern. Then this one was too small and dainty, so I started over with two strands and larger needles.

The scarf looks good knit at this gauge. If it feels nice to you, you could stick with this doubled yarn and needles. This is a braid which can be confusing. I always look at the previous crosses and see which edge stitches need to cross to the center to keep up the braid.
(It’s interesting but the center braid in the photo is upside down with respect to the chart. It will look like the chart if you turn the photo upside down.)

You are so amazing! Thank you! Hubby likes it and it’s for our ski trip in March. He hasn’t skied in years but a friend is begging us to meet them. I will be knitting around a fire inside somewhere! :wink:

When it was super cold about 10 days ago, he asked if I’ve made him a scarf in the past 20 years. I guess it’s overdue!


I love it! I just made a vest for my husband who never requests anything but was complaining of the cold this December.
Have fun on your trip. I’d be near the fire with you.

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I thought there was a3 cbl braid on the center. I noticed the photo from Ravelry project page.


Yes, there is a center braid. It’s the right or left 6 stitches out of nine. As @salmonmac pointed out, the chart is upside down as compared to the photo. Maybe it’s the other end of the scarf. I looked through lots of Ravelry projects and they all look the same to me. My eyes cross when looking at these!