Pattern confusion! Earflap Hat

Hello all, I need some help with a pattern that I am using that I found online. It is for an earflap hat, and I am at the point where I would attach the earflaps. Here is what the patter says:

Pick up and k 15 sts over 1st earflap from the right side, co 25 more stitches, then pick up and k 15 sts over 2nd earflap from the right side and place marker for beg of round.

I’m using 16" (41cm) No.* (5.0mm) circular needles.

I’m not sure exactly what that means in the pattern (especially how exactly to attach the earflap to the new stitches…)

Please help!!

Oh, by the way, I already have 25 casted on my needle (the left one)

Can you post a link?

see if that works…

Okay, I get it now. Sometimes it’s much easier when you can see the pattern and photo so posting a link is always good.

What you’re doing is attaching the earflaps as you’ve said. You need to pick up stitches from the ear flap. I think maybe you should see Amy’s video first so you have a basic idea of what you need to do to pick them up. It may answer all your questions, but if you need more help by all means come back and ask here. :wink:
Picking up stitches video

When you made the two ear flaps you made them separately and bound off when you were through knitting them. They have had you use a knitted on cast on to cast on 25 stitches. Now hold one of the ear flaps right side up so that the wide edge is up where you can pick up stitches along its edge. Using the same needle that you cast the 25 stitches onto and using the same yarn that you were using for that, pick up 15 stitches along the edge of the ear flap. When you finish picking up 15 stitches from the first flap you will have the 25+the 15 stitches all on the same needle, and you are half way around the hat. :slight_smile:

Look up what Jan told you to if you don’t know how to pick up stitches. When it says to pick up and knit 15 stitches you are really just picking them up, but it sort of knits a row while you pick them up so it is called “pick up and knit”. You will pick up 15 stitches along the edge of the flap and that is what attaches it to the hat. It will not seem very “attached” yet, but trust and go on.

Now that you have the 40 stitches on the needle and are half way around the hat, you next cast on another 25 stitches, then hold your final ear flap up with the wide part that you want to attach up where you can begin to pick up 15 stitches along its edge. After you have picked them up you now have all 80 stitches on the same needle, place a marker there to mark the beginning of all following rounds. The 80 stitches seem at this point to be just kind of sitting next to each other and don’t seem very attached, but after you knit a few rounds, they will look more attached and you will see the hat beginning to take form.

I hope this helps you get a picture of what you need to do.

So do i work left to right on the top of the wide part of the earflap, or right to left? And do I use both needles while picking up stitches, or just the needle (the left one) that has the 25 co stitches on it?


In knitting we always work right to left so have the right side facing you as you pick up stitches. The right needle should have the cast on stitches on it, just switch it to your right hand and continue. I would just hold the flap in your left hand and then pick up stitches with the right needle. Did you look at the video?

Ohh, I see. Yes, I did watch the video, but I guess the round needles that I’m using were just confusing me. So in a way, it is somewhat like crocheting, picking up.

Thanks so much!
I will probably be back later on to ask more questions! --this is one of the first challenging projects for me!

Okay, sorry to bother again, but the “15 stitches” that i picked up on the ear flap only got me to the middle of the first earflap. This is a problem, right? … or am i just crazy?:

If you are to the middle of your earflap with the 15 picked up stitches, then you are picking up too many stitches. Go back and pick up a stitch in every other hole/space, instead of each hole/space.

okay … so I think I am having problems again. My pattern is now using two strands of yarn, which is fine and dandy with me (very easy), but I think it is putting the pattern of the two yanrs on the wrong side of the piece…! It’s putting the real pattern on the inside of the circle, which I think is supposed to happen, but the right side of the ear flaps are on the outside of the circle. Again, I’m using round needles (for the first time,too). Do I have to take it all out and refigure it?


You might be knitting inside out. That can happen very easily knitting in the round.

The pattern should be on the outside of the circle. The outside or public side should be facing you as you knit…your needles will be close to you and the loop away from you.

Is it okay that my pattern (the right side of the hat) is appearing in the inside of the circle now? V.V’

Well, it means your hat is inside out. You could turn it right side out, but I suspect your earflaps maybe wrong then. If by some chance your earflaps are inside out as well then it would probably work. Otherwise you’ll have to frog back to just the earflaps and start again.