Pattern confusion - Dog sweater

Hi everyone!
I have made all pieces of this project, but am stumped at the Finishing point. For the left front it says to slip 5 stitches from front placket holder. Nowhere did the pattern say to put stitches on a holder to use later. I still have the collar to do also. If anyone can understand this pattern I would sure appreciate the help.

Cute pattern.

In the directions for the Front Section, at the top of column 2 it says:
"Front Placket Opening: Next Row (RS): k10, slip center 5 sts to holder for front placket, join another hank of yarn and k10…"
Did you do that and then work the sts on either side of the held sts with 2 balls of yarn?

Sorry for the late response salmonmac. It appears that when I downloaded the pattern there was a problem and I didn’t get everything. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. Cheers!

Oh, no. That’s really too bad. It’s such a nice looking little sweater. Good luck with the re-do.

Thank you!