Pattern Confusion: Baby Sweater and Stitch Holders


I need some help deciphering a pattern. I’m looking at a baby sweater pattern and I’m confused when the pattern asks to [B]“K 25 sts and transfer these sts to st holder for Left Front, k 46 sts and transfer these sts to st holder for Back, k remaining 25 sts for Right Front.”[/B]

The part I’m confused with is the “Transfer these stitches to the stitch holder for LEFT FRONT, BACK and RIGHT FRONT”. What does this mean and how is it done?

Much thanks,
Yookie :muah:

Stitch holders look like giant safety pins. I think the pattern is telling you to slip the left front stitches to one holder, the stitchesfor the back to another holder and then you will have the right front stitches on your needle and you will work those to finish the left front. Does it say further down something like “remove left front stitches from holder and work same as right side”? Hope this helps!