Pattern confusing with raglan sleeves and PM moving

  • This pattern uses stitch markers to mark where the raglan increase is made. Move the stitch markers up to opposite sides of the raglan as the pattern progresses.

I am confused to where I am suppose to move the stitch markers up to “opposite sides”

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What is the name of your pattern?
It may be that the pattern is just telling you to place the markers on a stitch at the raglan increases and to move that marker as you knit the rows or rounds.

The pattern is for Raglan Cardigan in tunisian crochet. December Cardigan,

It has this instruction in the pattern notes.

I appreciate your help in looking at this. I know it is not exactly knitting, but the wording could be for crochet or knitting; as I can follow crochet reading well.

Thank you,

It’s kind of a combination of knitting and crochet. You can see why you’d need the marker on the stitch rather than between sts as you normally would do in knitting. You’ll need to move the marker up as you work the sets of forward and return rows with raglan increases.

Thank you!