Pattern clarification

Hi, I’m very new to knitting & my instructions say rib 2, rib2tog, (rib 5, rib2tog) 15 times, rib 2. 95 sts. Please could someone help clarify exactly what this means?

Can you give us a pattern link or pattern name?
The idea is to work in your rib pattern, k1p1, k2p2, or whatever the pattern calls for. On the row you quoted, work 2sts in the rib pattern and then k2tog or p2tog depending on what the next sts are.
After that you have a repeat section where you work 5sts in rib and then work 2sts together, either as k2tog or p2tog depending on the sts. Finally you end with working 2sts in the rib pattern.
The idea is to maintain the rib pattern as much as possible even though you’re decreasing stitches.

Thank you
The pattern is eskimo kisses 9050. I think I have managed to follow your instructions, so thanks for the help.
Does the 95 sts at the end mean I should end with 95 sts after this line?

Yes, there are 16 decreases along the row so they are giving you the final stitch count, 95sts.

Very classic look: