Pattern clarification

Hi-stormy night in NYC! Question on reading. Pattern…shaping arm hole: Dec 1st at neck edge in 5th row. Dec 1 st at neck edge only on 8th row then on 3 rows foll 10th row.

I think this must be obvious but I’m drawing a blAnk.

Thank you!

It [I]is[/I] ambiguous. Depends on the shpe of the neckline. Is it a V-ncek? It’s likely dec on the 5th, 8 rows later and then every 10th row 3 times. That would be decreases on rows 5, 13, 23,33,43.
The other possibility is rows 5, 8, 11,12 and 13 but that’s an unusual shape for a neckline.
Is there a pattern link or can you give us the pattern name?

HI - The neck is more or less V-shaped. The pattern is by Rowan - Moorhouse. The Ralvery link is

Any further thoughts or confirmation of your first instinct would be greatly appreciated.

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Terrific! Yes, the gradual V shape is correct. So the first of the two choices in the above post.
I like this pattern and collar. Very good looking.

Great!!! Thank you!!

I am a new knitter working on my fourth project which is the first time I am knitting in around… The pattern reads as follows

1 x 1 rub: round 1- k 1, p 1 Round 2- k the k system and p the p sts

I understand that but then it says work 5 rounds of 1 x 1 rib

Does this mean I do as follows:
Round 1
Round 2
Round 1
Round 2
Round 1?

1x1 rib is always the knit/purl/knit/purl/knit/purl, ad nauseum… so that’s your pattern, the same as round 1, but you do it for 5 rounds.

But when it defined the 1 x 1 stitch it defined it as 2 rounds as follows:

1 x 1 [rib]: round 1- k 1, p 1 Round 2- k the k [sts] and p the p sts

So does these meant I repeat round 1 and round 2 Five times? So ultimately 10 rows??

Welcome to Knitting Help!
The instructions want you to do 5 rounds [I]total[/I].
You can think of it as you’ve written it out or you can think of it as 5 rounds of knit the knits and purl the purls. It will all work out to be the same.

Thank you for your help!!!

I am knitting Moorhouse by Rowan (see pattern link by gcp) right now and am also confused by the description of the neck decrease, and the previous answer leaves me unclear.

The instructions have you decrease the neck twice, one stitch every ten rows, then say:

Dec 1 st at armhole edge of next row and 3 foll alt rows [B]and at same time[/B] dec 1 st at neck edge in 1st row (this would line up to be the 3rd st decreased after 10 rows). [44 sts]

Dec 1 st at neck edge only on 4th row, then on 3 rows foll 10th rows. [40 sts].

Maybe the number of rows don’t continue to line up, but I still don’t see what exactly this is saying. Thank you for any help.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
The decreases on the armhole edge are on rows 1,3,5 and 7
and the decreases for the neck are on rows 1,5,15,25 and 35.
I know that puts the second dec on the neck edge on the 5th row along with the dec on the armhole edge. It’s not a dec only at the neck edge as the pattern states. You could make this dec on row 4 but I don’t really see what difference one row here or there is going to make on the gradual shaping of the neck. I prefer decreases on the knit rows if possible.