Pattern clarification

Hoping to get some clarification around a couple of pattern instructions. Please note, it is a UK pattern for a baby blanket:
After casting on 10 stitches:
1st Row. S1, k1, (yfwd, k2tog) twice, ywfd, (yrn) 3 times, yon, K2tog, yfwd, yrn, p2tog. 13 sts.
Ok -so I need help with “(yrn) 3 times, yon” - do I wrap it around the needle three times? If so, is there an actual stitch between (yrn) 3 times and yon? and then what does it mean to “yarn over needle?” From everything I have googled “yon” refers to purl stitches whereas this pattern goes from yon to K2tog.
2nd Row. Yrn, p2tog, k1, drop 3 loops from next st, (k1,p1) twice, into the rem loop, (k1,p1) twice, k2. 13 sts.
Need some clarification around the dropping loops and “into the remaining loop” bit.
Any help very much appreciated.

Hmmm, a yon, yfwd and yrn are all YOs, I think you’re to yo 4 times and no there’s no st between. Usually yon is when you’re going from a purl where the yarn is in front, to a knit so you need the yarn in back. This part - ywfd, (yrn) 3 times, yon, - would be bring yarn to front, wrap 3 times, then bring yarn over to back (which is the same as yo 4 times). The next part - yfwd, yrn, p2tog - is bring yarn to front from the knit st, wrap once which brings the yarn to the front and p2tog.

Now on the next row, you drop 3 of the 4 loops off the needle so you have just one gigantic loop then knit and purl into it.

Thanks, I’m confident now that I understand all the YOs. Just with the dropping of the loops: it says to knit and purl into the same loop twice? I guess because the loop would be so big - I think I get it.

Yes so you’re supposed to have 13 sts at the end of the 2nd row.