Pattern clarification

I am very new to knitting and have only made a scarf. I am attempting to make a baby cardigan from a free pattern offered on one of the yarn sites. I finished the back without any trouble. However, on the front left piece, after I reach my 3-inch length and the end of 19 knit stitches, this is what has me stumped:

pocket welt
K5 sts, p1, 4 times, k5

Is this telling me to knit 5 stitches, purl one 4 times than knit 5 stitches? Would the 4 times apply to the stitch it follows or the stitch is comes before in the line of instruction?

Thanks for any advice or help.

It probably should read (k5,p1) 4 times, k1. You’d repeat what’s in the () 4 times. Otherwise it would have said p4 if that’s what you were supposed to do.

Well, I guess I will just practice with it and see how it comes out. I can always start over if it doesn’t look right. The pattern does say ‘very easy’ for level but I think I need to get used to reading the patterns and get myself familiar with all the abbreviations.

No better way to get used to patterns than to do exactly what you’re doing :o) When I first started I would keep the Glossary on this page open at all times… that way I could just run to my computer if I didn’t understand an abbreviation or hadn’t done one of the stitches before - I still curse when I see P2togTBL, but without this site I would have never gotten it!