Pattern Clarification

I am making the Celtic Cardigan by Oat Couture. I’m at a place in the pattern where I need clarification. I know how to do the Right and Left Twists. [LT, (RT) twice] 14 times …
Does this mean do one Left twist, and two Right Twists and do this series 14 times? If that is the case why didn’t they put the twice inside the parens? Thank you.

Hiya Sheri,
It’s sorta like algebra, there are certain ways to express the operations.
If the “twice” was IN the parentheses you would do that twice and only twice. But beings it’s outside the () and inside the brackets you would repeat that for the 14 times.
Also, whatever was IN the () might have been a more complicated repeat ex.: (k1,p2,yo)twice. If “twice” were inside the () then you would yo twice and not do the whole thing that’s in the ().
So basically, you repeat whatever are in the () or [] the specified number of times that immediately follow the signs.
Hope that helps.:thumbsup:

Thank you. I’m in Colorado also … Loveland. I’m think I understand what you are saying but to double check that means that I do one Left twist, and two Right Twists and do this SERIES 14 times?

Yep, that’s what happens. The 14 applies to everything in the square brackets, while the 2 applies to everything in the round brackets