Pattern Clarification: s1, k2 (yo, k2tog)

My pattern instruction says “s1, k2 (yo, k2tog)”. I (think) I know how to do each of these, individually. But either I don’t, or it’s the use of the parentheses instructions that is throwing me. Parenthesis implies (to me), that the enclosed instructions are equivalent to the previously stated instructions. However, I don’t see how they equate.

Should I do s1, k2, yo, k2tog or just s1,k2 or yo, k2tog? I’m confused, please instruct.

Directions in parentheses are meant to be repeated. Usually the parentheses are followed by a direction to repeat twice or repeat across the row or some such. So your first thought is correct “sl 1 k2, yo, k2tog…” and then repeat the yo, k2tog as instructed by the pattern.
What pattern are you making?