Pattern clarification on a Mary Maxim vintage pattern (help!)

Hi all,

I’m working on a vintage Mary Maxim cardigan pattern and I’ve run into some trouble understanding the pattern. I’m working on the right front of the pattern (size 32) and I’m about to begin shaping the pocket. I’ve completed the 11th and 12th row as outlined but then it says: “continue shaping pocket opening in this manner as indicated on the graph…” In what “manner”??

Any help would be appreciated! Below is a photo of the front of the pattern so you know what the end product should look like and the right front pattern instructions and chart.

Thank you!!

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On a right side row (RS) knit to the last 3sts, slip one, k1, psso, k1. Then turn and k1, purl to the last 6sts, p1, k4, p1.
You can see this stepped decrease in the graph for the pocket from about the 10th to the 34th rows.

Thanks so much for the quick response!

That’s what I was thinking but on the 13th row, there is the same amount of stitches as the 12th row (27 stitches). So for the 13th row, if I were to knit the row to the last 3 sts, slip one, k1, psso, k1, I would have 26 stitches.

You are to do the decrease on every right side row until you have only 10 stitches left.