Pattern Clarification needed :) - Gloves

I’m a ‘experienced’ beginner knitter :slight_smile: I am starting up a project - the Adele Gloves by Rowan {you can find the free pattern on their website}, and I’m getting stuck right when the lace pattern starts.

You start in a rib pattern with a total of 66 stch then here is the lace pattern:

Row 1: (RS) K3, * p1, yon, sl 1, k1, psso, p1, k4, rep from * to last 7 sts, p1, yon, sl 1, k1, psso, p1, k3.
Row 2: P3, * k1, p2, k1, p4, rep from * to last 7 sts, k1, p2, k1, p3.
Row 3: K3, * p1, k2tog, yfrn, p1, k4, rep from * to last 7 sts, p1, k2tog, yfrn, p1, k3.
Row 4: As row 2.

These 4 rows set lace pattern.
Cont in patt as set, dec 1 st at each end of 3rd and every foll 6th row to
46 sts.

I think I have determined that when I reach the 3rd row of the lace pattern {along with following 6th} that I will have to k2tog at the beginning and the end {decreasing 2 stitches total of that row}. But my concern is that the math isn’t adding up from 66-to 64 to 62 the lace pattern gets confusing for me. So after I start the decrease, do I knit two more and start the p1, k2tog, yfrn, p1…
Or do I k2tog and knit only one more stich and then start thep1, k2tog, yfrn, p1…etc…

As you can tell I am very confused on how the math all adds up :slight_smile:
any input is greatly appreciated! :smiley:


The yrfn is a yo and adds in the sts you decrease since it looks like they balance out. A yo does not use a st, you just wrap the yarn around the needle. You don’t knit a stitch between the k2tog and p1.

When you decrease in a lace pattern, your main focus is to keep the lace pattern lined up and have the decreases come from the edges and work their way in. To get to 46, you will have taken the first 10 and last 10 stitches out of the picture.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 (center 46) 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

K3, * p1, k2tog, yfrn, p1, k4, rep from * to last 7 sts, p1, k2tog, yfrn, p1, k3

It gets a little tricky with a lace pattern that has decreases and increases to maintain the pattern.

When you get to the 5th decrease, (where the k2tog, yfrn), I’d just leave out the yfrn.

For the 6th decrease, you probably should p3 tog and then work on the k4’s for the last decreases.

As you work up to that point, you’ll see how the lace should lie and can decide what will look best for each decrease.

Hope this makes sense.:shifty: