Pattern circular needles not available in wood


I have a layette pattern that requires 4.25 mm circular needles that I cannot find… Well, I found them on line, in metal needles, but not wood. My local wool store says they do not exist. Pattern is "“Lullaby Layette in Lion”. It’s a free pattern I picked up in Love Knitting. It’s for the blanket and is the only needle used… Can I use a different size circular, perhaps, but do I go up or down…
:thinking:. Any help is appreciated…


Have u done a gauge swatch yet? It could be that you would need a different size that is available in wood. There is no “knitting police” that says you “have to” use wood every time. It depends on what u like.

Also, going up or down depends on whether u want the blanket to look looser or tighter. If you want it to look tighter, then use a smaller needle. If u want it to be a little looser than go with a size or 2 larger.



UAlso wondering if there’s a particular reason that u need wood??? I know Clover makes lots of different sizes in bamboo. I’ve seen them at JoAnn Fabrics stores. That might work.



Thanks for getting back to me…:blush:. I do have bamboo needles and I love them too. “Wood” to me means any type of wood, including bamboo…:grin:. I’ve just grown accustomed to “wood” versus metal needles… They don’t slip so much… I’ve ordered a metal pair so I’ll have them. I haven’t received my yarn yet, so checking the gauge with the 4/4.5mm needles will have to wait until then. I do have a couple of balls of DK yarn, so I’m going to practice the blanket pattern on that. I’ll try a 4 mm circular and see how it looks… not the same weight, but I’m out of things to knit! :scream: I have to do something so I’ll play with that…


Basix birch…all sizes. Any bamboo needles come in the size you need and a lot of what is called “wood” is actually bamboo.

And a yarn shop that would flatly tell you they don’t exist isn’t one I’d want to patronize.


Thank you ever so much for the information on the needles!!! I bought a pair of Knitters Pride double pointed needles and quite like them. Will definitely look into this brand next time I need a different size!!! Everyone at Knitting Help is so helpful!!! Thanks again and happy knitting!!!


I’m sure the pattern company wants to make money. They will try to sell you all kinds. There is not much difference in wood needles other than price. A $10 Clover needle compared to a $30 Addi. It’s your preference and your budget. You are the boss of your knitting.