Pattern changes # of sts from cast on

Hi, I am fairly new to knitting and I am trying to understand a pattern. It says to cast on 124 sts, but after two rows of knitting 124 sts, it changes to 164 sts with no increases that I can see.
Row 3:
K10, p6, in next st work [p1,
k1] 3 times, *p12, in next st work [p1,
k1] 3 times; rep from * 6 times, p6,
k10—164 sts.

How do I get to the 164 sts?


“In next st work {p1, k1} three times” is a five-stitch increase. You’re using one stitch to purl, knit, purl, knit, purl and knit, then you’re purling 12 stitches and ding the same big increase in the next stitch. It should come out right.

Oh, I get it thanks so much. :cheering: So does that mean the afghan will not be straight line on the border as in six rows it calls for decreases back to 124 sts. More like a subtle wave border?

Ugh! I thought it through after posting and visualized it and it is a straight line. Thanks for your help!:slight_smile: