Pattern change

I’m using this as a pattern, but I changed the cast on to 40 instead of 20!!! It says knit 2 rows, but since i changed it to 40 cast ons show i knit 4 rows instead?

wellllll, Did you cast on 40 on purpose? If you didn’t, it doesn’t sound like you’re too far into the pattern (even maybe haven’t even started the first row?), just :frog: until you get to 20 stitches, no big deal.

It looks like from the pattern that the 2 rows are for the handle… after that (row 3) you knit some, cast-off a few, knit more… and then (row 4) knit some, cast back on the same # of stitches you cast off in row 3, and then knit to the end again… this makes the “hole” for you to put your hand in the handle.

You can easily adapt this to accomodate your 40 stitches; knitting FOUR rows at the beginning will just make a thicker handle; that might be something you’d like if you’re making a double-wide bag. Shoot, knit 5 or 6 or 8 rows if you like thicker handles; it won’t matter.

The only thing you’d have to really “change” is rows 3 and 4, the rows where you cast off and cast on again to make the hole for the handle… if you have 40 stitches, and you knit 6, cast-off 8, and knit 6 again, the hole for the handle won’t be in the middle of the bag, which is probably where you want it to be… then on the returning row 4, your cast on stitches won’t be over top of the whole you made.

if you have 40 stitches you can knit 16, cast off 8, knit 16 for row 3 , and then knit 16, cast on 8, knit 16 for row 4 (but if you knit across more than 2 rows at the beginning, then these won’t be rows 3 and 4 for real, they’ll just be the next 2 rows after your handle is whatever thickness you want)

And finally, now that I have totally over-analyzed your question and given lots of unsolicited advice… where it say “knit in garter for 11 inches” …ifyour bag is 40 stitches wide you’ll end up with a really short wide bag! I would do it for longer than 11 inches.

HTH :thumbsup:

How will I know when I reach the 11" mark? Are there a certian amount of stitches per inch? Sorry for all the ?s!!

there might be a certain number, but you’d have to calculate it, do math, blahhhhhhh. Just use a tape measure (a must have for your knitting bag!), it’s a ton easier.