Pattern change of yarn/needles etc

I am trying to change a pattern to a slightly different yarn and the needles that should be used for this change…
my pattern is for a Be Sweet Boucle Cocoon pattern by Hilary carr.
It calls for the referenced yarn mohair. I have some yarn that is Nashua Worsted Wool/Alpaca, 75%/25… Im unsure how to do this, as the needles referenced in the situation are quite different.

Any way I can do this??

I think that’s the pattern. Subbing worsted for bulky should work but I’ll leave it for someone else to help figure it out. The gauge will be quite different or you will end up with much looser stitches.

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That’s quite a difference in yarn weight. The pattern calls for a bulky (11sts/4inches on #11) and you have a worsted (20sts/4inches on #7). If you follow the pattern as is the cocoon will be much smaller so in order to get the size you want, you’d have to figure out how many sts to add to the given numbers. In addition the feel and drape of the finished garment will be quite different.
Since it’s such a big difference in gauge, you’d be better off saving the worsted yarn and buying a bulky weight for this pattern.
Thanks again, GG for the link.

Thanks for your advice regarding the differences between the mohair and the angora…I’ll take your advice and save myself from frustration!