Pattern ~ Cabled Fingerless Mitts

I’m writing this pattern up on request of a bunch of you. I’m so flattered that you all have made such nice comments about my mitts. A while ago, last year sometime, I made a similar pair of fingerless mitts but they had a lace cuff - I posted that pattern here, and the cabled one is almost identical except for the few obvious differences. I’ll try to be as clear as possible.

[U]Yarn[/U]: anything of worsted weight
[U]Needles[/U]: US3 - I used magic loop but you can use any method of small diameter knitting
[U]Gauge[/U]: I don’t know!! I’m a fairly average knitter (as opposed to being tight or loose) and the part of the cable where the knitting pulls in the most, which fits right around your wrist, measures approximately 6.5" around but with the rib and the cables, it has a lot of stretch and would probably fit anyone.


Cable Back (CB): Slip 3sts to cable needle and hold to back of work; k3, p1, then k3 from cable needle.
Cable Front (CF): Slip 3sts to cable needle and hold to front of work; k3, p1, then k3 from cable needle.
pm: place marker
M1R: From the [I]back[/I], lift loop between stitches with left needle, knit into front of loop
M1L: From the [I]front[/I], lift loop between stitches with left needle, knit into back of loop

With US3 needle, CO 48sts loosely. Join to work in the round.

Work 15 rounds in K3, P1 ribbing.

Cable round [B]1[/B]: (CB, P1, K3, P1, K3, P1) 3 times

Work 5 rounds K3, P1 ribbing

Cable round [B]2[/B]: (K3, P1, K3, P1, CB, P1) 3 times

Work 5 rounds K3, P1 ribbing

Repeat Cable round [B]1[/B]

Work 5 rounds K3, P1 ribbing

Repeat Cable round [B]2

[/B]Work 5 rounds K3, P1 ribbing

[U]Thumb gusset[/U]

Set-up row:
K3, P1, K1, pm, M1R, K1, M1L, pm, work rest of rnd in established pattern

Row 1: Work all sts in pattern, keep sts between markers in st st
Row 2: Work 5sts in pattern, slip marker, M1R, st st to next marker, M1L, slip marker, complete round in pattern

Repeat rows 1 & 2 until 15 sts are between markers, then work 1 more repeat of row 1.

Next round:
Work 5 sts in pattern, put 15 gusset sts on waste yarn, cast on 7 sts using backward loop method, complete rest of round in pattern.

Next round:
Work in pattern, K2tog the first backward loop cast on st with the stitch before it and K2tog the last backward loop cast on st with the stitch after it (this will prevent a gap from forming where the new sts were cast on) You will now have 52 sts total.

Next round:
Continue in pattern, incorporate new cast on stitches into 3x1 rib, for 10 rounds.

Bind off in pattern.


Put 15 thumb gusset sts back on needle (if using dpns, divide the 15 over 2 needles); pick up 8 sts in gap on inside of thumb. Begin working in the round, first round as follows:
K14, K2tog, K6, K2tog (the K2tog’s keep a gap from forming between picked up stitches and gusset stitches)
You will now have 21 sts, work 6 rounds in st st, or desired length.
BO loosely.

For second mitten, replace cable back with cable front, and follow remainder of instructions as written.


Thank you! :thumbsup:

Oh, and I printed it out so it looks like this attached image. That way if someone else asks about it I can make them a nice copy with your “name” on it. Would you also like it to say “for personal and charity use only” or something or do you care?

Jan, I don’t really care what people do with it – if it was completely my own design and idea then I might feel differently, but because all I did was combine elements of a few already existing patterns, it’s not really my own and people can do what they want with it.

Do let me know though if others make a pair…I’d love to see!!:woot:

Thanks so much for posting this! I have been looking for something just like this that could be made in masculine colors for a young man (6th grade) I know. He was just appointed as a Safety Patrol at his school and I wanted to make him some fingerless mitts as a congrats! These will be perfect for him (in black or dark green, his favorite colors). :muah:

Thank you for taking the time to write up the pattern! :cheering:

KQ…I have a question. You give instructions for both cabling front and back, but the pattern only has instructions within the pattern itself for CB. Is the second round of cables supposed to be CF?

I haven’t started yet so I could be reading this wrong, but I wanted to clarify before I start.

Now I can start on yet another Christmas gift, thanks!

Sorry Jan, maybe that wasn’t written very clearly – at the veeeeery bottom, just above the picture in the post it says that the CF cable is used for the second mitten. So do ALL of the cables on the first one with CB and ALL of the cables on the second one with CF.

:doh: I did not see that! Thanks for clearing it up! I have some left over yarn I’m going to play with and if it goes well then I’m going to get some Lorna’s Laces Shepard Worsted! Wooo!

Thanks so much for posting the pattern! :cheering:

I just want to double check something…
Did you really use US#3 needles with worsted weight yarn?

Yep, I really did. It makes it very dense and warm.

Okay, thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this pattern. Can’t wait to start it!

Thanks For the pattern.Will definitely be doing this Great gift idea!!