Pattern bookmarks gone

Ugh… I was switched without warning to the new My Yahoo Beta, and they wiped out all my bookmarked patterns in the process. :waah: If only I were a member of Ravelry already and had them all listed there… Bummer. Oh well.

Your browser doesn’t store your bookmarks? That’s odd.

Can’t you just switch back or email them about it? Surely they’re still lurking on their servers.

Even if you’re on Ravelry you wouldn’t have all your patterns listed. It’s a pain, but you can start collecting them again. :hug:

She means the bookmarks on her My Yahoo home page. They haven’t switched me, so there might be an option to go back to the old version. But this time, add your links in Favorites or Bookmarks in the browser itself. Short of a complete computer crash there’s very little that will wipe them out there.

Ah, I see. I never trust anyone’s servers enough to keep my bookmarks on them, and I always back them up just in case.

I’m sorry, that has to suck! :hug: We’re here for you! :grphug:

Yeah, I was using Yahoo’s bookmark thingie. I tried to find a way to switch back to the old version with no luck. Using the browser’s bookmarker now sounds like a good idea.

I guess I misunderstood the Ravelry features. Still waiting to see it for myself.

I had to re-format my hard drive a few months ago and I had a ton of things bookmarked that I wanted to make later. Well after I copied my bookmarks file over all was good, but then for some reason the file just corupted itself on a whim (Like 2 weeks after I had reinstalled everything) and I lost all my stuff :ick:

So now when I find a pattern I like I just copy and paste it into a word document and save it to my hard drive.

I hope you find them all again. I know how upsetting it is, all the time it’s taken to find all those in the first place, not to mention if you can even remember where there were from in the first place. My SO was just kind of like, it just a knitting pattern, it’s got to be easy to find… If only he understood, I had my hopes up for making them… I was pretty close to tears:cry:

I’ll cross my fingers that you find them all againCrossed Fingers

That sucks, I hope you get them back!

That stinks! :hug: As far as Ravelry, I went through and “raveled” all my bookmarked patterns and favorited them. So technically you can save them. It just doesn’t do it for you.