Pattern Book Available in Australia?

Aussies… ArtLady has made some lovely items from a Naturally pattern book # K551. See the FO forum for the items and the book. Tapestry Craft doesn’t have the book and last time I had to order some from NZ direct and I’d prefer not to need to keep doing that. Anyone know where I could order this pattern book online in Australia?

I must also say… I opened TC’s home page. Is it me or are prices getting higher? Gosh, what looks like a fabulous yarn being advertised on home page but almost $17 a ball for most colours and it’s only 94 yards. I’m really seeing prices creeping up and it’s not like we don’t pay decently for postage. I’m finding that more and more I’m having to reconsider an item because of the cost of the yarn.

The GST has sunk us even deeper of course on a lot of items…booooo GST.

For the yarn that they stock, TC’s prices aren’t that hefty. I’ve seen stuff cheaper there than at other online stores. Remember, they do most of their trade as walk up, rather than online.

Yarn in general is more expensive here, unless you buy directly from a Woollen Mill, like Bendigo Woollen Mills (I’m on their shade card list, and it’s fab!).

As for the book, I haven’t seen in. I’m going to TC tonight, and just because it’s not on their website, doesn’t mean it’s not in stock.

Ok… thanks… I’d appreciate you taking a look. I have moved and lost my BMills interaction but should re-instate. I KNOW of course I am talking more luxury yarns but we do pay a lot more here than our US friends overall.

If you look in the FO forum you’ll see what the pattern book looks like as ArtLady showed the cover. Lovely simple pattern that look great upon completion.

I had to call TC for something else, so I asked about the pattern. It’s not one that they carry, but they can order it in. She couldnt’ tell me the price, unfortunately…

Ahh ok… I will email and ask about it…thanks so much for asking and coming back to me.

I should have admitted I DO tend to look at some of the more expensive yarns :slight_smile: I was in KMart yesterday at Ashfield and took a quick look at their yarn section. Hmm…one lovely ball left of something that had clearly sold quickly because of the colours which were really nice. Balls between $3 and $5.80. Some ‘ok’ stuff for felting which would have been around the $4 a ball mark. Very limited range but I guess if you were there regularly enough or knew when they were getting stock in you could pick and choose a bit better.

Certainly if we wanted to make a charity blanket etc some yarns there would be ok. Tho I tend not to get the cheapest stuff for such purposes…just good washable and colours that don’t look too dirty too quickly.

Are you interested in doing a charity blanket? I was wondering whether to start a thread in the charity forum?

Ashfield!? You realise that’s like 10 minutes from where I am!??? We should totally catch up!

Yeah but maybe next year… I have a stack of Christmas knitting I need to do between now and Christmas… :S

I don’t live there but I went over there to get a haircut. I could cry. For years the same man on the northcoast cut my hair and did it to perfection. I came away looking like a shorn sheep yesterday. I wanted a long fringe and got it cut half way up my forehead. Egad! :slight_smile:

I agree re next year. Starting early…about March. I may start one myself in the meantime. A lot of elderly people live around here so perhaps a Christmas gift for someone.

Happy to meet you somewhere around Ashfield for a coffee one day. My son currently has car so make it in a couple of weeks. Contact me around Aug 10th. I’ve had to have injections in a knee so public transport and walking city are out…otherwise a trip to TC would have been fun with someone else.

Hi Susan,

There’s currently a charity oddball project already running in OZ if you are interested. Check out… Of course, another one never goes astray!

I agree with the price of yarn with Australia compared to the US but it’s not just with yarn - I have experienced it with cameras, shoes and scuba eqiupment just to name a few things. I think the size of the US market is part of the reason, plus the exchange rate (although that is improving). It also pays to shop around here…I looked at some yarn through TC and it was $22 a ball:shock: however I ended up getting it from yarns online (based in Victoria) for $15.


Thanks Mel B. I’ll check out the link. I also admit I bought one lot of yarn cheaper in Victoria (it was a yarn TC had run out of). Even with postage the package worked out almost $10 cheaper than TC. TC are very reliable although I found this other group good also. I have had ONE problem here buying an item from an individual online and I really had to get onto them a few times before I received the item.

They have quite a number of knitters involved! I am more inclined to make something for the elderly and, as you say, having another working group is only to be encouraged. I was perhaps thinking of principally Sydney people - mainly for cost of postage.

You’re right about the difference in international costs. Telephone calls are a LOT cheaper in the US than here also.

My son did however notice that clothing was on a par.

I had meant to add that the purpley looking knit design one of the rug people were doing looked great in that link!~

Do you mean the purple/pink stitch that was done second? I really like that one too! I’d love to know how it was done.


Yes… I think it is a honeycomb pattern of some sort but I liked that very much.

Where are you tending to buy yarns in Vic?

Mel B. My mum sent me an older book on knitting and it has a VERY similar pattern to that pink and blue. Here it’s called 'Sea foam" and it suggests using it on fine angoras or fine cottons for furnishings and so on. It’s almost identical to what we saw in that pic. Would you like me to type out the pattern here for you? It’s not that long.

That would be great…thanks so much!:yay:

I’m only just starting to get right into knitting. I live in the country but there is a LYS, however the range is pretty simple. Big W have a good range off more ‘novelty’ yarns that make great scarves. Otherwise I’ve purchased from for my Madil Kid Seta and ebay for my Malabrigo. Next week one of the other KH members is going to do a knit picks order for me and I also want to get some stuff from Morehouse farm Merino. I’ve found online a wool shop in Malvern melbourne (wondoflex) that I’m dying to go and check out!


So…is Malabrigo all that they say it is? What do we have that would be similar?

Here is the pattern for Sea foam. I should have said it is one colour but even this looks lovely. I can see from the image that mohair and cashmere etc suit this as the drops off the needle don’t look as obvious as they would have in a usual yarn. In this sense this pattern is actually quite different from the pink and blue which was one solid knit. This is pretty tho and worth a swatch.

Multiples of 10 stitches plus 6

Rows 1 and 2: Knit
Row 3: (RS) K6 (yo) twice, K1, (yo) 3 times, K1, (yo) 4 times, K1, (yo) 3 times, K1, (yo) twice, K6; rep from
Row 4: Knit, dropping all yos off needle
Rows 5 and 6: Knit
Row 7: K1; rep from * of row 3, end last repeat K1 instead of K6
Row 8: As row 4
Repeat rows 1 to 8

I apologise for not having looked at the pattern more closely. In the image you would swear that, despite the one colour, it was the same pattern as the other. You have to see the yo to realise it’s not the same. It has the lovely wavy pattern however and would be lovely for a shawl etc.

Thanks for the pattern…I’ll have to give it a go.

Malabrigo is beauuuutiful:notworthy: It’s sooo soft and smooth and it’s just divine to knit with. I haven’t yet seen anything availably locally that’s comparable, but I imagine any merino wool would be similar:shrug:


Sounds wonderful. Lovely that someone was willing to send you over some :slight_smile: This book also has a cool cable and other designs I’ve not seen before. Great when you are given such items. My mother finally told me she DOES still have some tortoiseshell knitting needles. I can have them in her will she says :slight_smile: I love those older vintage items and seeing some of these patterns come to light.

I’ll email that group and ask if the woman who did that pattern is prepared to share it. Will let you know.