Pattern? Baby's cable and rib sweater with hood

I bid on an eBay listing for a baby’s pattern, and was unfortunately outbid. It was a cable and rib sweater with a hood - like a shawl collar that extended up into a hood - sized from 3 to 18 months.

It was a magazine pullout, and I think might have actually been a Debbie Bliss pattern. I emailed the seller to ask if she remembered which magazine it came from but she didn’t remember.

Please, does anyone know of this pattern? I’m obsessed with a need to get hold of it… I love shawl collars and the idea of one that’s a hoodie appeals to me.

could you post a picture?

Yes, I thought I’d saved a pic of it when I missed out on it. I often save pics of items I’d like to knit and luckily I have… here it is:

yup it it is Debbie Bliss…let me look around in my books, I think I know which one it is in…

I found it…it is in a booket called “Baby Cashmerino 2” by Debbie Bliss…2006.
I also found it on e-bay…if you go to books…then type in the title it will come up. someone is selling it as a “buy now” for $19.50.
Or you could call your LYS…that’s where I bought mine!

I haven’t made this pattern yet, but I’ve been meaning too!

Good luck!


THANK YOU, Jen. :muah:

I’m in Australia so a book on eBay probably becomes too expensive due to postage… or perhaps not as expensive as buying it in Sydney - I just found one for $42.30! I might try my local library and see if they have the book. Its great to finally have a name for the book, so I WILL eventually get a copy.

Does anyone know which magazine published the pattern? That might be another option - finding a back copy of the magazine.