Pattern Assistance

Hey folks.

I mahout to start this pattern for the 2nd time but before I do I just wanted to confirm that I have this straight. Can I ask that someone check the image attached (snippet from the pattern)?m please?

I count 28 stitches for each repeat, is that correct? As I get further along in the pattern will the number of stitches for each repeat decrease? I’ve started to notices that I have less stitches and I can’t see where I went wrong AT ALL! !


I can’t get the screenshot to open. Try using the landscape icon in the middle of the ribbon at the top of the Reply box.

Copied and pasted. :blush:

Row 1 (and all Right Side Rows):
K2 {K1, M1L, K12, CDD, K12, M1R} 6 times,K3
Row 2 (and all Wrong Side Rows): purl

Yes, 28sts in the repeat. There are 2 increases and a decrease of 2 sts (the CDD) so no change in the stitch number on the row.
What is the name of this pattern? If all RS rows are as row 1 then the stitch count should stay the same.It may help to mark off the repeats with stitch markers or waste yarn to help keep on track.

Thank you!

It’s the Chevron Baby Blanket and Chevron Throw by iknit2purl2 on Ravelry.

I’ve been using stitch markers; I must have lost count at some point and misplaced a couple. :thinking:

Lovely one!