Pattern assistance

Hi, I need help on a pattern called Petrie (link below).

I’m at the beginning of the back piece, I’ve done 7 rows stockinette, then it says to K1 on WS - I think this means knit a row on the purl side? 2 issues:

  1. I don’t see a purl row on the right side of the photos - it looks like all knit?
  2. If I am to knit on a wrong side, the next row - I knit again (on the RS)? Then continue to stockinette?

Many thanks in advance,

K 1 WS row to form turning ridge for hem.

You will work a knit row on the WS. This is a turning row to make a folded hem. You’ll come back to finish it later.

Join shoulders using three-needle bind off. Sew side seams. Sew hem facing and front and back neckline facings to WS of work, taking care not to sew too tightly.

After the knit row on the WS you go back to working stockinette on the RS as before.

Hi GG, thank you- I’ve never made an item where you turned up a hem so did not understand. You are awesome !!

Guess where I learned about hems and fold lines? Right here. If you have more questions be sure to ask. We’d love to see pictures of your work too.