Pattern assistance needed please

Hey everyone.
I recently bought this Wool and The Gang kit. I’ve been working my way through the pattern but this part of the pattern has thrown me. Can anyone please help me figure out what this means? The star symbols have me confused as to how to read this.

The pattern is using star symbols instead of asterisks, which are the standard symbol.

You should work the instructions between the two single stars, i.e. Make a right leaning decrease, knit two stitches.

Then you should repeat that instruction (the instruction inside the two stars) the number of times given in the square brackets for each size.

There are three sizes, so let’s say you have small, medium and large, then this means:

For small repeat 5 more times, medium repeat 5 more, large repeat 6 more.

Hope this helps.

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That helps a lot! Thank you :blush:

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