Pattern and yarn comptability

Oseberg by DROPS Design
Gauge - 17 sts x 33 rows in garter st with 2 strands = 10 x 10 cm / 4’’ x 4’’.

Cascade Souk yarn - Jewels
Fiber Content: 55% Silk & 45% Wool

I need your thoughts and opinions, please. I’m wondering what to consider about the pattern and the yarn. I’m thinking I can make gauge OK (it calls for two strands of lighter weight yarn, I’d use a single strand) but I expect there is more to think about, maybe including the silk/wool blend. I’ve never used yarn with silk before.

I haven’t swatched yet because I wanted a good idea of the gauge I need before I do.

Please, any input is welcome. If you think it’s not a good match, please say so and maybe explain a little about why.


What fiber is the yarn used in the pattern? Reason I’m wondering is the yarn you’re considering is more than half silk. Silk doesn’t have a lot of body and drapes a lot. Not sure it would work with that sweater. Did you check RAV to see what other people have used?

Thanks. Drapes a lot. That’s what I was missing. I think you’re right. I don’t want too much drape in it. Look at Ravelry for what yarns have been used? Smart people think of things like that. Now I’ll pretend to be sorta smart and go look.

ETA DROPS Fabel is typical sock yarn, 75% wool and 25% nylon and is what’s suggested.

:teehee If they use sock yarn then it wouldn’t be drapey. No one needs socks that drape. :lol:

Look up the silk yarn and see what was made with out. It’s often shawls, scarves and loose floaty sweaters.


That’s all. Well maybe :hair: too.



i just thought i’d poke my head in here…

the sweater is great, and that colorway would have been fantastic. but if they’re using sock yarn… maybe something like berroco sox (wool/nylon), or berroco comfort sockweight (acrylic/nylon)?

the pattern became a saved item for me. maybe mom needs a nice hoodie for winter…?

It’s an interesting pattern and I will try it, not with this yarn. I went to and looked at yarns that would substitute and Knit Picks City Tweed was one of the ones listed. I looked at patterns done with the City Tweed and decided this will probably work up fine for a simple cardigan. Now I just have to decide on raglan or set in sleeves, or maybe drop shoulders. I’m liking the way it knits up. I started with size 9 needles even though I was pretty use they’re too large, I’ve gone down to 8’s.