Pattern advise for beginner - circle pattern on scarf

Hi all!
I’m fairly new to knitting, with only a few basic afghans completed so far. I’m trying to make a scarf for my boyfriend who LOVES the arsenal football club, but there are no knitting patterns for the scarf. I have been going “free style” so far without problems, since it’s mostly a stripped scarf, but at the end there is a circle within one of the stripes (see photo). I’ve been trying to make a convincing circle, but have been pulling out rows again and again all night! Does anyone have any suggestion for an approximate circle in terms of pattern (like how many stitches to increase by per row etc)? The scarf is about 40 stitches with each section about 5-6inches long. Thanks for your help!!

(I have tried to post a photo of the ‘real’ Arsenal scarf design below - hopefully it works!)

I forgot to mention that I am planning to use needlepoint to draw on the Arsenal design ontop of the knitted red circle (since I definitely don’t have the skills to even attempt it!)

Thanks again!!

When you knit a circle it in something like this it has to be done with intarsia or you can do it afterward with duplicate stitch, embroidery or a patch.

Because of the way knitting stitches are made you can see it won’t be a perfect circle if it’s knit or done with duplicate stitch. If it matters to you I suggest you embroider it on so you can go over the stitches in a circle or sew on a patch.

If you want to see how to do intarsia go to the video section under advanced knitting. I think there is duplicate stitch…I’ll have to see where it is though…

I agree, intarsia for the basic circle. Here’s a chartfor a circle and a little discussion of the shape of knit stitches and how to get an approximate circle. Also, here’s a demonstration of duplicate stitch.

Thank you so much for your help! I think I’m going to try intarsia to get some practice with it . . . and if that’s a disaster I’ll just stick to embroidery. Yay!