Pattern adjustments?

i recently learned how to knit and decided i would knit scarves for my friends for christmas. i found a broken rib knit pattern in a book and decided to try it out.
it looks like this:
CO 26
Row 1: K2 * P2, K2 *
Row 2: Knit to end of row
Repeat 1 & 2

i started the pattern (only cast on 14 stitches for a thin scarf) and i really liked the look of it. the problem i have is that it curls.
is there anything i can change to reduce the curl? i was thinking i could K3 P2,K3 but i’m not sure how effective that would be.
was also considering adding a P2 at the beginning and end of row 2 every few rows to get a small chunk of stockinette on the WS, but, i’m afraid that would really change the look of the pattern/scarf.

any ideas? thanks!


You could try doing garter stitch at each edge to discourage the curling…like this:

CO however many and do
Row 1: K5 [K2 * P2, K2 *] k5.
Row 2: Knit to end of row
Repeat 1 & 2

Depending on what type of yarn & needles you’re using, you could do 3 (lg needles, chunky yarn), 4 or 5 (smaller needles, worsted weight yarn) garter sts at each edge.

Also, check [color=red][size=6]this[/size][/color] series of posts from the How to…forum.

Hope it works out for you.