Pattern adjustment

I recently ordered a Vogue Spring/Summer 2004 from elan, they had sent an email with info on one of their new yarns and it was shown in a pattern I fell in love with.

I ordered the magazine, which with postage and handling came to $13.00. The magazine arrive and I quickly located the pattern.

Imagine my dissappointment when I located the coveted pattern only to find that the “biggest” size is 12 inches smaller than my actual bust measurement. I forgot Vogue was for skinny flat chested girls:oops:

The sweater is a button front cardigan with set in sleeves. It has a fairly simple repeat pattern (empire waist with ribs and a “lace” pattern around the chest below the bust).

Would it be impossible to adjust this pattern to allow for the extra 12"? Do you think if I went to my LYS and purchased the yarn there they would be able to help?

They might be able to help. One way would be to use needles and yarn a little larger than in the pattern, though if it’s already worsted weight, you wouldn’t want to go to bulky. But if it’s DK weight and size 5 needles, you could go to worsted and size 9s; though that may not get you quite the size you need, it’s at least halfway there.

Then you could look at the difference in the number of stitches between sizes - say it’s 8 sts for the back CO. Then just add that same number of sts for each `size’ up you need. If you need 3 more sizes, then add 24 sts. Do this adjustment wherever a stitch number is given - the fronts, sleeves, etc. You will have to find your gauge to start; take your sts/inch with the yarn and needles you want to use and multiply that by the inches you need for your size. This will give you the approximate number of sts you need which you can use to figure which size (in the sizing up method above) you’ll knit.

Here is a link to the pattern:

There are only two sizes. I guess I didn’t read very closely. It seems odd to me that a pttern comes in only 2 bust sizes (37 & 40).

Well that’s Vogue for you…

The pattern uses a worsted yarn, though the gauge info is on size 6 needles, that’s very tight. If the pattern uses that size, you could go up to size 8 or even 10s using another worsted weight and that would increase the size somewhat. You’ll have to knit a sample to figure your sts/inch and go from there.

I have also thought about taking plain raglan sweater pattern and just adding the pattern stitch. I think it would be pretty easy to figure out the pattern repeat and go from there.

A heavier yarn would work as well, I was thinking of using brown sheep cotton fleece, whihc is a heavier gauge.

Sure you could take about any pattern and just change the stitch pattern.