Pattern adaptation sizing question


I have a pattern that is only available up to a 36" bust - now this is all well and good but unfortunately for me I’m rather more errm endowed than that.

What I’d like to know is, how do I convert this to fit my size and any idea how much extra yarn I’d need?

I think what I need to do is this:

Tension says 8 stitches per inch - so would I extend the number of cast on stitches to match that - for instance lets say it says cast on 288 stitches for the 36" one do I instead cast on 368 stitches for a 46" one…

My other question then is how do I deal with the casting off in relation to armholes etc?

Gah! So many questions this raises… is there a simple guide anywhere that I could read on how to resize patterns to fit those of us who aren’t a pert size 36" bust?!!

Can’t help because I have the same problem. I found a cute tank top, but it turns out it only goes up to 38 and I need 40-42. Geesh! :rollseyes:

Ya know, when I hear people talking about how they want to have boob implants I can’t help but want to scream at them about how crazy they are. /sigh beautiful clothes are not made to fit us =( If I didn’t have a deep fear of surgery I’d probably see about getting them reduced! THEN I’d be able to have pretty patterns to fit :wink:

Jaegar patterns drive me nuts - 38 seems the biggest they go to.

What do they think, people who are slightly more endowed don’t want to wear that stuff too? Or are we not allowed to wear the designs cos we might make them look bad? =P grumble

:roflhard: :roflhard: Too true! I’d love to have a reduction, but a part of me says do I want to put myself through voluntary surgery and associated risks? Mostly the answer is yes, but I doubt my insurance would cover it since I’m big, but not “that” big. However, I’m really, really tired of my shoulders/neck and back hurting. :rollseyes:

Well ladies I am right there with you. My dream would be to be able to wear all those cute tops that require you to go BRALESS! Um, yeah, right. Not unless I want to be responsible for putting out eyes, or knocking myself out!

Sometimes, I raise my hands above my head so I can remember what the girls looked like before they headed south!

:shock: Me, too!!! But, I’ve had soooo many surgeries bc of my hip & leg I’m just not willing to have a voluntary one…but sometimes (like when I’m trying on clothes or my shoulders hurt!) I certainly think about it :wink:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :cheering: I’m not alone!!! :cheering: hehe

I think the thing for me is, generally we don’t have insurance here. My manicurist last weekend told me she had had hers done. She got them done on the NHS (National Health Service - free healthcare here) she had to wait forever for it but they did it based on the back problems. They made her lose some weight first (which she did) and she had them made down. Now the shocker was when she told me what size they were before because they still looked like a hefty size when reduced :rofling: I wouldn’t be able to afford to pay to have them done… well I’d rather spend that money on other things (yarn!) anyway :wink:

I regret the day I ever said to God… “please let me have boobs as big as my mothers” (She had 6 kids and breast fed us all) - mine used to be small. Careful what you wish for!