Pattern abbreviations


My pattern says k1(sl1 yfif) three times , * k3 ( sl1 yfif ) 3 times
Can some one explain what this means please.


What is the name of your pattern? Check at the beginning of the pattern and at the end for a list of specific abbreviations used in this pattern.
Yfif might mean something like yarn in front or yarn held towards you as you slip the stitch.


Hi . I am doing practice swatches of different patterns as I am bit better than a beginner. The pattern is called wide horizontal herring bone in a knitting book by Debbie Tomkies . I am trying to expand my brain by knitting new things.


Thanks. I found the book in a Google search: Knit Stitch Dictionary.

k1(sl1 wyif) three times , * k3 ( sl1 wyif ) 3 times… in the edition online
The abbreviation wyif is with yarn in front.