Pattern abbreviations? *to*

I am trying to do a pattern, but some of the abbreviations are unclear. What does to mean? And how would I do it. Please help me. I am new at reading patterns.

Can you type out the entire row of directions? That may make it easier for someone to help.

Also, if the entire pattern is a free one posted somewhere on the internet, if you include that link it could be helpful for someone to see the entire project. If it’s out of a book, tell us that cause someone is sure to have the book handy to look it up and offer help.

The Glossary on this site has basic explanation of how to use * and ** in patterns.


Usually, when you get to the second *, it will say to repeat everything from the first *. So repeat all the stitches between * and *.

It is a free pattern on the inside of a skein holder. And it says…
[5p, * take 2 stitches together and cross stitch to the right*, repeat to one more time, 4p, repeat to 2 times, 4p, repeat to 2 times, 5p.]
Everytime I read it I get more confused. I guess I am one who needs very descriptive directions. :frowning:

I think they are telling you to repeat from * to the next * two more times.

[COLOR=Red]* take 2 stitches together and cross stitch to the right*[/COLOR],has been shorted to work to So when you see to you work the stitches that are between the **