Pattern abbreviation

I am working on a pattern for boxer shorts. The next part of the pattern said 5 BI, k…I have looked everywhere for the BI abbreviation and I can’t find it.
Does anyone know what this means?

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Is this the pattern for the Sweetheart Shorts from Knit Picks (no longer available)? Is there a list of abbreviations at the beginning or end of the pattern?
Can you quote the single row that has this abbreviation for us? Not the whole pattern because of copyrights please.

Yes the pattern is from knit picks. It does have a list of abbreviations at the end but does not have this particular abbreviation.

That is the instructions:
Crotch shaping
Next round: BI, k to front seam marker, BI, slip marker, BI, k to end of round BI
Repeat this increase every 3rd round for 4", then every other round for 4".

Thanks for your help.

Maybe “back increase”. I’ve seen BLI for “back lifted increase” and perhaps this is a variation.
It’s basically a Knit Right Loop increase (KRL)

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