Pattern 9?

Hello again girls~lol

I am doing a Debbie Bliss pattern and I cant make head nor tails of some of her “Terms” The one that is stumping me right now is that in the middle of the row I am working on right now says “pattern 9” but when I look at the stitches I am supposed to pattern, the stitching starts with “knit 10” so how can i pattern 9 when the first stitch says K10???
She cant mean pattern 9 rows because I am in the middle of the row! Do you get what I mean lolol!


Karen:noway: :whoosh:

Hiya Kooky,
What are your destructions for after the “pattern 9”?
I bet it’s either a decrease or an increase of some sort.
Well if the next section that you are working on right now says to pattern 9 and the instructions say to k10 then just k 9.
It’ll all make sense in the end hun, trust me:thumbsup: !

Are you working from a chart? If you are then, you will probably be repeating that same row again somewhere and that just makes it easier to write it that way than it is to write out the rows verbatim.:zombie: :x:

That would be to work 9 sts in whatever pattern you’ve got going on, then do whatever comes next.