pattern #2984 by Marion Graham. 1997 book: I Can't Believe I'm Knitting

Basic Hat pattern: I am doing a childs size, cast on 78 stitiches, I got to top shaping (decrease) and no matter what I do, I end up with 3 xtra stitiches. Then the row 3 seems impossible too. Anyone make this pattern? Very frustrated!

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Can you tell us the directions for just the first round of decreases? Don’t give us much more of the pattern due to designer copyright.

Often a hat pattern has you work with a number that is easily divisible by 8, 9 or 10. Not always but it does make it simpler to work the decreases. For example, 72 sts would start the decreases every 8 or 9sts, 80sts might start the decreases every 8 or 10sts.
78sts don’t lend themselves to such even decreases. You might increase on the last round before the decreases to 80sts and work decreases every 8 or 10 sts.

I wonder if you’ve cast on the right number of stitches? Looking through the notes of completed projects, many have cast on 72, 80, or 88 stitches, all of which are divisible by 4.
78 isn’t so if the pattern has four decreases, it will not work.
78 is divisible by three so you could amend the pattern to three decreases ( which will take longer to reduce the stitch count) and go for a slouchier fit, or work the decrease rounds more frequently. Try on as you go?

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Cast in 78. Knit 10,slip 1as to knit, K2tog, PSSO Place marker. Repeat til end.
66 stitches. Doesn’t work out!

Aha, a double decrease. It requires 3sts to work and leaves you with one stitch.
That will work. The repeat is (k10, slip, k2tog, psso) which uses 13sts per repeat. There are 6 repeats x 13 = 78.
Here’s a video for the double decrease.

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Thank you so much. I will try this way. The book does not tell you to slip over the K2tog!

Yes, sometimes the patterns aren’t clear or don’t have a good list of abbreviations. PSSO is pass slipped stitch over and the video gives you the how to. Good luck finishing this hat. It’s always fun to work the decreases as you shape the crown.

It worked! Thank you so much! This is fir my Grandson and I am so happy to get it finished. :heart:

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