Patt2tog when ribbing

Hi I have knitted a couple of jumper but still new to knitting. can anyone help me please?
I have come to the Shape Front Slope in a pattern the design of the whole garment is in a rib of knit2 pural1.

I’m trying to figure out what this means-
1st row- Patt to last 8(8-8-9-9-10) sts, Patt2tog, patt to 6(6-6-7-7-8).
Keeping patt correct, dec one st at end [inside last 6(6-6-7-7-8) sts at front edge as before] in every foll 4th row 5 times.
If its a knit and a pural together that have to be patt2tog do I knit the two or pural the two together?
I’m not sure of the second part at all… do I work a row first beinging the wrong side and then continue with the decease in the following row or work 4rows first?.. also is the decrease at the end being the last stitch or the row, or is it the beginning of the band edge where the first decease has been made. I will be so greatful if someone can help me …Thanks

The decrease sts are going to change as you work the rows. The first decrease is a knit and purl st, the next time it’s 2 knit sts. Do a ssk (slip the sts knitwise and knit together through the back loop) for the k and p decrease and a knit 2 together for the others. Put the decreases all on the right side rows.
Every time you do a decrease row, start the decrease 8 sts (for the smaller sizes) from the end of the row. Decrease the first time (row 1) and then decrease on row 5, row 9, row 13, row 17, and row 21. These decreases are going to interrupt the knit 2 purl 1 pattern but if you look at your sts on this edge and knit the Vs and purl the bumps or loops, your pattern will look fine.