Patt help

I have this knitting pattern that I am making for my mom. It has several things that I can not interpret. All it says is patt. It says to work in patt for 2 rows, patt to end and continue in patt until there are 54 (60, 66) sts. Here is the link to the pattern so that it won’t be very confusing:

It’s Aspira One-Button Tunic on

I think this is one of the times it’s best to work the rows as given and you’ll be able to see the pattern of knit and purl sts. Work rows 1-10 and then repeat rows 7-10 as instructed and you’ll be able to see the pattern and then keep going with these rows as a guide. Also if you take a look at the last frame of the audio fashion show in the link, you’ll see what the stitch pattern looks like close up.

I already know about the 7-10. What I don’t know is about the sleeve, neck, shoulder, the first of Front Middle, last part of front middle, and the turn and wrap. The last part of front middle says to maintain patt reversing shaping.

To reverse shaping you just put the BO and decs on the other side of the piece. If the first front has you BO at the beg of the RS row with the decs at the beg too, then on the other front, you BO at the beg of the WS and the decs can be done on the end of the RS rows.

The turn and wrap? Short rows, which are demonstrated in this video in case you need to see how to.

The last two patt on the left back says:

Next and every RS row:Sl 1, k1, M1, work in patt to last 3 sts, dec 1, (skp), k1.
Next and every WS row: sl1 purlwise, purl to end.

What I’m not getting is the next and every RS row. If I were to Sl 1, k1, M1 to the last three sts would that actually mess it up?

Also on the reverse shaping do I skp, k1 to the last 3 sts and do the same?

I am lost with this pattern since I am still a beginner but I do love challenges.

There’s no wrap and turn in these directions, must be in another part. So the next RS row and every one after that, Sl 1, k1, M1, work in patt to last 3 sts, dec 1, (skp), k1. The next WS row and every one after that, slip the first stitch and purl the rest of them to the very end of the row.

For the reverse shaping you would k1, dec 1 (k2tog maybe?) and work to the last 2 sts, m1 and knit 2.