Patt 8 rows = huh?

Started a pattern and got to a part where after casting off part of a row and
then finishing that row, it says;

Patt 8 row.

I am guessing it means follow the “pattern” for the next 8 rows.
I’m doing a loop stitch where 1st row is k1 tbl and the next row is
k1 tbl loop stitch until the last stitch and then k1 tbl. I’m also guessing
that’s what they mean by Patt.

To me it would not make sense to cast off again, for 8 rows so I hope they
mean the above pattern.

Just want to make sure though before I continue.

Yes, that’s how I would interpret it - continue in the pattern for the next 8 rows.


Impatient should be my first name.

I googled it and one place says,

“at is a pattern abbreviation for the word pattern. You’ll usually see it in a line like “cont in pat for 6”,” which means that you should continue knitting in the same stitch pattern that has been established previously for the suggested number of rows or length of knitting."

So, I’m going to skip the bind off 6 and go with the previous pattern instruciton. If I mess up, I will just rip and start from scratch.


Why would you skip the BO 6? You do it once, then continue in the pattern it seems to say.