Patrn Hlp Leaf Hat Pick up Stitch?

What Am I doing wrong?

I have been trying to pick up the stitches on the very outside edge, but I keep creating YO’s. Should I begin in between the garter edge and the leaf pattern? The shower in soon please help!!!

Knit don’t hit

I’m not sure what could happen for a YO instead of picking up sts, but I wanted to mention that the link doesn’t work as is. There’s an extra backslash at the end that sends to an error page.

Video Here on picking up sts. maybe that will point Help.

I fixed the link, now to look at the pattern.

So it looks like you do the pointy edging first and then pick up stitches from the flat edge of this, right?

It will fold up, so if it looks like you’re picking up stitches correctly according to the linked video, then you should be fine, even if it looks like there are some gaps initially. They’ll tighten up as you knit, and may even help the folding process. Without seeing it done to this point, I’m not sure.