Patriotic Scarf

My Patriotic Scarf for the upcoming holidays

Very pretty! What did you use?


It is made with Flamenco Glitz yarn I purchased from If you need the pattern, it is FREE with the purchase of the yarn. They will automatically send it when you order 1 skein of each of the colors Red, White & Blue (total of 3 skeins) you can also make it with their Salsa - you will need to order 1 each of Salsa - White, Burgundy, Navy - again a total of 3 skeins.

What a treat for the holidays! Lovely scarf and thanks for the information on pattern and yarn.

Very cool, I love it!

What a lovely little scarf! I guess if it’s too hot to wear on July 4, you could always choose another patriotic holiday on which to wear it. And of course, it doesn’t have to even be a holiday to wear such lovely attire!

Good job!