Patriotic Blanket

My 6 year old grandson has been drawing lots of US flags lately, so I decided to make him a blanket to snuggle with that is in his favorite colors. This pattern is from Lionbrand Tumbling Blocks Blankie.

super cute!!

Oh, I LOVE this!!! It is soooo bright and cheery!!! I will have to go check out that pattern! Thanks!!

That’s nice! I bet he loves it!

Great job Grandma Lori! I am sure your grandson will love it and think of you every time he cuddles under it!

That is awesome - I absolutely love it! :heart:

That is amazing! It is incredible how different a pattern can look depeding on the colors you choose. I love the color choice!

I like it, it looks like it woven together.

WOW! That is awesome!


Gorgeous!! he’s gonna love it!