patricia roberts 3 from 1 help please

I hope you dont mind me asking . I am doing my first ever Patricia Roberts knitting and have already found something I cant do and cant find anywhere on google. Its the instruction 3 from 1.
The instructions say…
k1 winding yarn round needle twice, P1, then K1 winding yarn round needle twice all into next stitch.

I’m sure it is really obvious but because I dont even know what it is supposed to be doing or why I am doing it I just cant seem to get what she means. Would you mind trying to help?

This video shows how to k p k into one stitch. You’ll wrap the yarn 2x when you make your stitches but the basic idea is the same.

And here’s how to do a double wrapped knit stitch. Wrap the yarn 2x as shown for your purls. HTH and happy knitting! Be sure to ask if you get stumped again.

Thank you so much. I’ll give it try. Im guessing its making balls?
Jane x

What is your pattern? I found Patricia Roberts pattern on Ravelry and there are some interesting ones for sure.

Its scrabble. I picked it thinking it might be a little easier because it is all one colour but Im not sure if that is going to be the case. I’ll keep going but it may just be a bit too hard for me

There’s a lot going on in this pattern. If you decide to continue with it you can ask here of course should you run into more problems. There’s no shame in saving it for a later date when you have more experience should you choose that. You might work on it and switch to something simpler for a break if you feel overwhelmed. Your WIP will wait patiently.

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Thats a lovely response, thank you so much.


Things are falling into place finally and I am loving this pattern although I am dreading when I have to include shaping and the 2 sides of the cardigan. Slowly slowly xx

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