Patons SWS

Has anyone tried felting with Paton´s SWS? It´s natural fibers, right, so I´m thinking it oughta work…


I haven’t, but I’ve seen felted SWS projects on the forum. What I’ve read though is that it felts really fast. So you definitely want to check every five minutes or so.

It is marketed as a felting wool…
I have seen swatches in Micheals, and it looks pretty good…

Felts VERY fast, felts down VERY small
made a bag for my daughter, the finished bagwas at least TWICE as big as her head, straps reached to the floor, felted in a single round of the washer (not a whole load, just one wash/scrub cycle) and it is small enough for 2 small apples
Have fun


It’s probably easier to hand felt it because it really does felt within minutes

I make a felted purse out of SWS. I was extra careful about the felting process because of everyone’s horror stories. No need to have been careful. I had to put my through the wash cycle 3 times. With Paton’s merino, it only takes me one cycle. It does make very pretty felted fabric, though.

I have a bunch I got on sale a while back, waiting to be turned into a felted bag and I’ve been wondering the same thing. Thanks for all the answers!

Yup, did a sling bag for my DD for Xmas … I did take pics but haven’t posted them yet …

Thanks everybody!!! :thumbsup: