Patons SWS Question

Since I finished my first pair of socks, naturally I want to start on another pair. I pulled out the Patons SWS (70% wool, 30% soy) and started to knit a swatch. However, the yarn is soooo much thicker than I thought it would be!!

I have no knowledge about yarns. This says medium weight, and when I look at the guidelines in the Knit Socks booklet I have, it says to use size 6 dpns. These seem kind of small with the yarn.

What should I do? Should I just plan on using this yarn for another project? By the way, it’s the natural green color.

Thanks in advance.


looks like it is worsted to me, probably too thick for anything but maybe some house or slipper socks?

its heavy worsted.

it would make nice slippers, (knit oversized (way oversized)) and felt.

but for normal socks? no way.

it can be knit on a 6 (would be very tight) its nice on a US size 9, but i have a friend who knitted up a light drapy shawl using size 13’s!

I really don’t want to make slippers. What else could I do with this yarn?? I have two skeins! I have no idea what possessed me to buy it. I think I bought it from Ram Wools during the 30% off sale. I thought it was for sock knitting. Boy, was I wrong.

Will it felt? It kind of looks that way. Should I do a booga bag?

Please help me. Thanks, y’all!

I’ve seen some lovely Danicas in SWS. In fact that’s what I plan on using mine for, the color changes work really well with the entrelac.

What are Danicas?

How 'bout the ubiquitous Calorimetry? I’ve seen a couple in that yarn and liked them. So I suggest hat or scarf or sell/swap for sock yarn! :slight_smile:

Are you talking about this?

The swap idea sounds good too.

Danica from Yarnboy in one of the winter Knitty issues.

Also–Amy’s knitting it in her pic on the front page of the site

Oh, okay. But I don’t think my yarn would work for this. It’s got yellow, green, light brown and maybe orange in it. Could you use it without worrying about adding other yarn since you already have a variety of colors?

If you scroll down here you will see the entrelac scarf that Dustina made using SWS. She used three skeins i believe but you could probably make it narrower. :shrug:

This yarn is definitely made for an entrelac scarf. You could use size 10s and CO about 14-18 sts, depends if you want to use 8, 7, 6 or 5 stitch blocks.


I am also making Danica with it.

:cheering: Thank you brendajos…Yep that is Danica… I think SWS is wonderful to use with Enterlac… I did use 3 skeins wish I had 4… but the directions say any multiple of 10 will work…

I also made this hat it used almost one full skein… I also made the Calorimetry out of another yarn… you could prolly make both with your 2 skeins… I only CO 80 for the calorimetry cause I didn’t want it as wide…

its very pretty worked up and very soft… I really like working with it and I think Danica is my all my time favorite scarf :cheering:

Ok…so it looks like I would only use the one color. I may have to order one more skein since I knit tight stitches. :wink:

Thanks for the above link. What I find funny is that I was the first one to respond to her posting of that picture…little knowing that I HAVE the same yarn in a different color! :roflhard:

Thanks y’all! You are the best. :muah:

I’ve used SWS for hats, scarfs and mittens. I love them all. sooooo soft!!!

You would need probably 4 balls of it to make a booga bag, and it does felt great too btw.

I’m doing Lady Eleanor on size 10.5 in Natural Earth and Moonlight Mohair in Natural Geranium on size 9. Both work really well!

I love SWS. I made an entrelac pillow for the couch out of it.

Drats…I can’t see the pictures of the stuff y’all are posting because the blogged pictures are blocked. :wall:

I’ll look at everything when I get home!