Patons SWS problem

So I am working on Silver’s Palindrome scarf, using Patons SWS. I am on my second skein, and as with the first I am finding pieces of grass/straw or some kind of plant matter in the yarn. Has anyone else experienced this? Also I don’t like how it kind of untwists itself as I am working with it. I came across a section that was tied together in first skein, and now another knot which pulled apart… right in the middle of the row… very frustrating. I don’t think I like this yarn at all.

I didn’t know SWS has plant matter in it - Noro is (in)famous for this. It isn’t plied, so that’s the nature of it. Some knitters have found a lot of knots in it, some haven’t found many; a lot of yarn has knots, whether very cheap or very expensive. I haven’t found many in the yarns I knit with, so I’ve been pretty fortunate.

I’d contact the company and let them know what you are finding…

I’ve used other Paton’s yarns and haven’t had any issues with them.

Good luck…

I find a few pieces here and there
not every ball, but the ones that do have them every few yards
i feel it as i knit, and just pull it out
guess I am not gonna let substandard supplies stop me
besides i bought it 3rd hand


I hate balls with multiple knots…I have had 3 Herrshners brand acrylic balls with at least 2 breaks each…now…perhaps I just got unlucky…but come on…

I love finding bits of straw in yarn…it reminds me where the wool came from…and that someone was involved in making it…not so much with the manufactured stuff…but the hand spun stuff…

I had the same problem that you have with that yarn. I only bought it once.