Patons SWS and Knitty's Calorimetry?

I just bought some SWS at Joann’s today: two skeins of the pink and green one. I’ve never knitted with soywool before. It’s soooooooo soft. :inlove:

Now I have no idea what to make with it. :shrug:

Do you think it would knit up a nice calorimetry?

I need to get it on the needles before the hubster gets home and asks why I bought more yarn that I have no pattern for. :teehee:

I bought SWS just because of the way it felt and wound up making a plain garter stitch scarf out of it - I bet it would be great for that headband. It is a fantastic feeling yarn.

Can anyone recomend yarns that are similar to SWS? I am especially interested in solid colors - the SWS colors are wonderful, but sometimes a mix isn’t what one needs.

its more expensive but the karaoke is softer than sws, a little thinner (instead of heavy worsted its light worsted) and the colors are amazing.

the solids are on sale here

I love this stuff too! I just got some from Michael’s and am making a scarf. It’s so nice. I wish I could find the natural geranium though… I got natural blue instead.

I am considering contacting them to ask for solids. I can’t afford anything more expensive than this stuff, so more colours would be great for me!

I just made a calorimetry out of SWS in Natural Earth and it came out stunning! I made it a bit too wide, but since I hate frogging I’m going to leave it as is! :teehee:

Quite a few people have used the SWS for Calorimetry and they come out looking great! Note also, that many people found that a CO of 120 stitches came out way huge, so you may want to go for 80 or 90 unless you have a really large head. Others also thought it was a little wider than they wanted, so they did fewer Row 5 repeats.


Thanks everyone! Calorimetry it is! :happydance:

My DIL made it for me in the karaoke. She was thinking of doing it in SWS but she thought the karaoke was softer. And like suzeeq said DON’T CO 120!!! Why too big!!!

Nadja xxx

Yeah I made the Calorimetry and I only CO 80 sts… and once I had my width I stopped with that too… :teehee:

I didn’t make mine with SWS but I bet it will be pretty… :happydance:

So am I the only one who thinks SWS is horribly scratchy? I made one fingerless glove out of it, had no probs knitting it, but had to take it off my hand in less than 3 mins for itchiness. I decided it was scratchy yarn. Maybe not, maybe I am allergic? But I am fine with wool! Who was ever allergic to soy? I eat it with no probs… So confused! I really wanted to like this yarn. So pretty, felt so nice in the skein…

I do think it’s itchy, esp as compared to the karaoke, but I know that I am very sensitive so I don’t really mention it.

Maybe, but everyone has their own likes and dislikes
its not all nurture, some is nature
if one thing pleased everysingle person, how fair would that be??
one of my very own kids even, is someone who does not like chocolate
Go figure


Ah. I am a beginner and so far the only next to skin things I have knit have been cotton or cashmere/merino, so maybe I am sensitive too! I know the backs of my hand are anyway. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but I had to stop knitting to scratch them several times last night. Maybe the time of year, I am horribly dry.

Everyone, disregard my scratchy comment on SWS! I AM sensitive!

I am going to moisturize and try to wear my glove again. If it works, I’ll knit it’s match!

lauraknits, some yarns really dry out your hands, especially in winter. One thing that I’ve found to be helpful is to slather on thick lotion (Bag Balm is really good for this) and put on cotton gloves before bed. If your skin is well-moisturized, you’ll probably have less trouble with irritation.

Hope this helps!

I am looking to use my left-over SWS for a calorimetry. I know that I want to make it smaller - does anyone have measurements of theirs?

I have a ball of SWS in that same color…i think i know what to do with it now!:teehee: oh, and take a look at this: auburnchick made a calorimetry out of SWS and it looks really pretty: click here

yes, i’ve heard of people having soy allergies before–you may want to look into that.

Oooh that’s pretty!!

Maybe if you wash it, it won’t be so itchy :shrug:

I am looking to use my left-over SWS for a calorimetry. I know that I want to make it smaller - does anyone have measurements of theirs?

People CO between 88 and 108 sts to make theirs smaller than the pattern. It depends on your gauge - the CO edge would measure about 24" (after you knit it) so figure out how many sts you need to get that measurement.

feminine_earth–thanks for posting this pattern–it’s really cute, and would be a PERFECT (and cute!) thing for me to knit for my daughter and me (we both have long hair).

PurpleMittens–SWS does come in solids now, too, if you liked using the SWS but wanted to use solids instead of multi-colored yarn.

Mine came out ginormous, so I would really suggest casting on fewer stitches than are recommended. When you’re measuring it, stretch it out a little, because it will be stretched on your head.