Paton's sock #104

EDIT: I’ve had my question answered. Thanks for reading. The final decision was that I should reduce one stitch in the middle of the 2nd needle. Mods, feel free to delete this thread if you deem it clutter at this point.

I’m working on the following pattern. I’ll put an emote on the line I’m having trouble with, and add my question after the pattern:

"Rep last 2 rnds until there are 63 sts divided as 15 sts on first needle, 32 sts on second needle and 16 sts on third needle.
Cont even until foot from picked up sts at heel measures 5½ (6-7) ins [14 (15-18) cm].
:wall: Next rnd: Knit, dec 1 st at centre. 62 sts.

Shape toe: 1st rnd: 1st needle: Knit to last 3 sts. K2tog. K1.
2nd needle: K1. Sl1K. K1. psso. Knit to last 3 sts. K2tog. K1.
3rd needle: K1. Sl1K. K1. psso. Knit to end of needle. "

See, I’m confused on the row just before where I begin to shape the toe. I’ve got 15 sts on my first needle, 32 on my second needle, and 16 on my third needle (as per the pattern), with the round beginning in the middle of the bottom of the foot. The trouble is, I don’t know what it means by “centre.” Does it mean to decrease a stitch at the end of the 3rd needle, or in the middle of the 2nd needle? I’d appreciate any insight.

Please edit your post to remove the entire pattern. Put in the link to it and just the part that concerns your question.

It means decrease one stitch in the center of the of the remaining stitches you have. If it was the heel then it would be in the center of the heel.

Sorry, mathwizard, but that doesn’t help. To me it reads like “decrease at the centre” still, and I’m not sure what that means.

My round begins in the middle of the heel. There are 15 sts on the first needle, 32 on the second, and 16 on the third.