Patons "Rumor" yarn

Has anybody knitted with Paton’s “Rumor” yarn? I spied it at the store today, and when I touched it, it was SO SOFT!!! It’s a bulky yarn (12 sts x 17 rows = 4" on size 10½’s)–a blend of 84% acrylic, 1% polyester, and 15% alpaca. (mmmmm…al-pac-a…! :heart: )

I was just wondering how it knitted up. I saw mixed reviews on line, but I bought a skein anyway and decided that if it didn’t knit up nicely, I only blew a few dollars (I’ve wasted money on dumber things than yarn! :teehee: )

I’m making a scarf with it right now…it is SO soft. I swatched it on 10.5 and the fabric was too tight IMO to really showcase the soft squishiness of the yarn. I’m combining it with other yarns and knitting a scarf on 15s…you might want to try 11s or 13s first to get a loose fabric.


I knit a scarf for a friend with it on 6mm and should have used a bigger size. It did knit up nicely though either way. I did find the yarn splits a bit when picking up your stitches if you aren’t careful, but perhaps that had more to do with me watching TV than the yarn…


I LOVE the colorway you have chosen… I want something for me out of that!! yum!!

I’m working on MagKnit’s short row rib scarf with Rumor on US 10.5. Love the softness of the yarn, but it’s going to shed like crazy (which I learned carrying the balls to the checkout wearing a black coat). But oh, well!

I noticed this too–at first, I thought maybe I got a skein that somebody had dropped on the floor or something…it had these really long sheds coming off of it. :teehee: I read from others on line that this happens to be a characteristic of the yarn. It’s a small deterrent for me I think because I really liked the yarn.

Thanks Cara! I really liked it too. I only bought one skein because I wasn’t sure how it would work up. I don’t know what I’ll do with it yet, but I’ll put it to good use! :teehee:

Post a picture when you have it knitted up so I can see!!! I’ve been eyeballing it for some time now!