PATONS Pop Tots Pattern Help!

Hi, new to PH. My sister is expecting her first Bub and I want to give some handmade gifts. And while I consider myself to be an intermediate knitter I’m really struggling with this #5 vest pattern from PATONS BOOK 1103.
I got the first part completed okay ie row 1-8, but am now stuck on rows 9 onwards.
It honestly makes no sense to me, esp trying to keep increases and st number matching. I even tried to write it all out long hand row by row but got even more confused.
I’m completing if the garment in the smallest size.
Can anyone explain it in simple terms? TIA!

The first 8 rows set the pattern for 2 rows k2p2 followed by 2 knit rows.
Starting with row 9 you’ll increase at each end of the row on rows 9,10,11,12,13,14 and 15, then 17 and 19 and then 23 (should be 98sts). It’ll be 2 sts increased per increase row.
It may make it easier to see the k2p2 sections if you place a marker at the beginning and end of the repeats on row 6. Then you can count stitches from the marker to the beginning of the row to determine how to start the row.
Of course once you complete the k2p2 rows you can move the marker to the start of the k2p2 pattern on that row.

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